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#1 19/04/2020 23:41:16


[HOWTO] File transfer with SSH

Hi all, if you're reading this chances are you got a gameserver with us and are fighting to set everything up smile

File transfer (SSH + SFTP)

Basically, a gameserver is hosted on a server, and you connect to the server using the (secure) SSH protocol. You then use a SFTP tool to create, delete, exchange files using SSH.


I recommend these tools on Windows:

  • PuTTY (incl. puttygen + plink + pageant)

  • WinSCP (also FileZilla is quite popular)

The steps described below are for Windows, the other OSes are simpler to manage.

First setup
  1. generate a public/private ssh-rsa key pair using PuTTYgen:

  2. copy the ssh-rsa public key and send it to

  3. Save the public and private keys (standard: inside $USERPROFILE$\.ssh)

  4. Wait for us to check your association status and enable access to the server - you'll receive a confirmation mail with the username (e.g. player) and the server (e.g.

  5. Configure WinSCP: (you'll need to start pageant and load the private ssh key).

  6. Connect and start uploading files! smile

File transfer
  1. Start pageant

  2. Load the private SSH key

  3. Start WinSCP

  4. Connect to the server and drag/drop the files

That's all! smile

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